Why MOSAIC? Pt.1

For our first blog, I wanted to answer the question Why MOSAIC?

Why did I start the brand....Why did I call the brand MOSAIC and why you should support and follow MOSAIC?


I started the brand first and foremost because I wanted to be responsible for creating something from the ground up, something that reflected me as a person and something I could be proud of.

Secondly, I have a huge passion for fashion and also an interest in social awareness.  I wanted to combine these interests to create a clothing brand that stood for something, a brand that had a message and a brand that would have an influence in the culture of today.

Fashion for me isn't just about clothes, it's more than that.  It's a medium for communicating and connecting with other humans. I believe the clothes we wear should be a reflection of your character and beliefs.  

MOSAIC is a socially conscious brand with a message.  I wanted to reflect this in the design of the individual pieces and the approach taken to produce them.


The origin of the brand name 'MOSAIC' has a story and relevance.

To me, a mosaic is a thing of beauty and it's the process of how a mosaic is made which really intrigues me.  The bringing together of small individual pieces,  which on their own have no meaning or context but when put together in the right way, create something of beauty and significance.  I see society like this; we may feel insignificant on our own but if we came together, just think what we could create..

The process in which a mosaic is made also inspired the brand slogan 'Peace By Piece'.


Nathan, Founder of MOSAIC